National Treasures

What movies have you watched lately?  Come on people, let me hear and feel your excitement like I have!

I am trying to spread my wings and branch out a little bit.  I have a hard time paying attention to movies that have historical backgrounds or anything to do with education. It is like when you were a little kid and your parents would yell at you because you were too bored at the museum to pay attention to any historic facts.

I truly do love the National Treasure movies with Nicolas Cage.  I am pretty sure it is because there is a lot of action and that keeps me interested. Who does not like an action packed movie?  If this were just a movie about the historical background of finding the supposed “treasure” they are following some map on the back of the Declaration of Independence to find, I would be snoring or Facebook-ing in mere minutes.  All the millennials out there know what I am talking about.

You know what kind of movies I am talking about, right?!  Its like the History Channel, but in movie version… BORING. Comparable to watching the history channel while the super bowl is on.

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Ghost Whisperer wants to Welcome you!

Welcome… I want to start off with a recent movie review.

So, the most recent movie I watched was Vacation.  This was a spin-off of the original National Lampoon’s Vacation movies from the 90’s.  Chevy Chase was a part of the newest film as the father.  This movie focuses on Chevy’s son, Russ Griswold played by Ed Helms (Stu from the Hangover), whose wife (Christina Applegate) is getting bored of their regular vacation to some cabin in the woods where they have been going for years… BORING… So he plans a vacation to his childhood amusement park, Wally World.

The two sons of Russ are complete opposites. Who would have thought that after watching the original and thinking Russ has such a cool personality.  His oldest son is into writing and playing his guitar.  The younger son is a total jerk and bully to his older brother.  It was funny at first, but got pretty old by the end of the movie.  Their roles somewhat changed throughout the movie but you will have to watch to figure that out. I don’t want any hate mail saying I ruined someone’s watching experience.

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